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Eva Bellou is the woman that designs and creates all the collections of Pearl Martini fashion jewellery.
Without any previous experience in this field and being self taught, she started to create jewellery pieces for herself during the first lockdown. She decided to make an online search for fresh water pearls and other ready-made jewellery pieces and she began to give shape to her ideas and to create her own jewellery
The interest for her first creations unexpectedly surprised her, so she decided to move into a small workshop to start her own jewellery business and to collaborate  with a craftsman for the manufacturing and the gold plating procedure for her designs.
Pearl Martini online store was born in November 2020.
During the second lock down, she grew her collections spectacularly and decided to build an effective marketing and communication stratergy for Pearl Martini.
Eva believes that even in most difficult times, we can develop new skills as long as we stay focused and are optimistic. 
Her online store was thriving, so after the end of the lockdown, she started to infiltrate wholesale. She wanted women to have the oppurtunity to see and try Pearl Martini collections in jewellery and concept stores.  
Eva collects inspiration from her travels, the beauty of the cities she visits, their culture, art, architecture, but moslty she likes to observe the different types and styles of women. Women are her main source of inspiration. She admires strong, independent women, that are also feminine and effortless chic, from day to night. 
She grew up in a family where art had a leading part in their life. Her father was a civil engineer and a painter and her mother a teacher of History of Art. She has visited many art exchibitions and museums in Greece and abroad from her young age, until today.
Her studies in Advertising and Marketing and her working experience in this industry, perfectly match with her new professional occupation.
She runs her jewellery company all by her own. From social media posts, the set up of Pearl Martini online store and the jewellery placement, the participation in events and exchibitions, to the marketing and communicative actions she considers necessary for the growth of her company.
Eva admires vintage jewellery and their history. In her everyday life she loves to combine in an unpretentious way her fine jewellery, with her Pearl Martini fashion jewellery creations. She believes that jewellery should be enjoyed every day, from day to night. A look is never complete, until the right jewellery are added. Jewellery always complement an outfit and personalise a woman's look.
She loves to  create timeless jewellery with a modern flair and she feels really happy when stylish women wear her creations.
She is in a constant search for the best quality materials. From pearls and semi precious stones to gold plated silver 925 and brass.
"Grecian Riviera" her latest collection epitomizes a sophisticated ode to the Grecian chic allure.